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BigData CoE Barcelona

The Big Data Centre of Excellence Barcelona offers companies its areas of innovation, service, experience and knowledge to develop and execute their Big Data strategy.

BigData CoE Barcelona

BigData CoE Barcelona is an initiative led by the Eurecat - BDigital technology centre, which was created with the support of the Government of Catalonia, Barcelona City Council and Oracle.

The Big Data Centre of Excellence builds, develops, brings together and offers companies differential Big Data expertise, tools, and data sets infrastructure enabling them to define, experiment and validate Big Data models and their impact on business, and to define innovative solutions within a collaborative framework with key players in the sector.


The strategic objectives of BigData CoE are:

  • Create a space for innovation to help make the value of data tangible to businesses
  • Integrate the key range of technology in Big Data
  • Train companies and professionals in the field of Big Data
  • Become an international benchmark in this field.

Leader and participants

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Update:  23.06.2015