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CatLabs Programme

The programme aims to promote an innovation model based on the quadruple helix, as part of the RIS3CAT and SmartCAT strategies, and create a network of local agents of social and digital innovation.


The CatLabs programme promotes the coordination of a Catalan network of digital, social and collaborative innovation, involving the entire economic and social fabric of the company in innovation processes, according to the quadruple helix model (RDI system, companies, public authorities and users of the innovation). 

The advent of ICT and the internet is leading to a “democratisation of innovation” and an opening of its processes (open innovation). Linear innovation models are giving way to systemic and collaborative models, which enable users to be involved from the start of the innovation process and make the impact of investment in RDI more effective.

This new paradigm enables the emergence of new open and collaborative innovation structures (living labs, fab labs, social innovation networks, open data labs, etc.), new types of work and new forms of economy (co-working spaces, circular economy, collaborative economy, etc.).

Through CatLabs, the Government seeks partnerships with local authorities to promote joint initiatives and generate synergies that promote the emergence and consolidation of new open and collaborative innovation structures. In this regard, specialisation and territorial competitiveness projects (PECT) are a key instrument for this collaboration. Furthermore, the CatLabs network complements the map of the country’s innovation agents and interacts with the actors involved in RIS3CAT and SmartCAT’s Catalonia SmartLab network.



  • Promote new forms of digital, social and collaborative innovation in order to better respond to the challenges of the economy and society.
  • Coordinate and stimulate the participation of the quadruple helix in the research and innovation system, RIS3CAT, and the new European models of innovation.
  • Connect, enhance and stimulate the CatLabs network, spaces of social, digital and collaborative innovation.
  • Develop and implement education and innovation methods for projects as a mechanism for insertion of groups with high unemployment rates, especially youths, into the job market.


Leader and participants

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Update:  09.02.2017