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Catalonia Smart Drones

Catalonia Smart Drones is the cluster of the drone industry, promoted by the Government of Catalonia, which includes the leading companies, technology centers, universities and other institutions boosting the drone sector.

Catalonia Smart Drones

The Smart Drones sector is now a reality and it is constantly evolving. Its market worldwide is forecast to exceed 8,000 million Euros in the next three years, with annual growth rates of over 20%.

We have leading companies in this sector in Catalonia, as well as technology centres, universities and other agents driving this industry, which work within Catalonia Smart Drones to act as driving forces behind the smart services and solutions sector with drones in Catalonia.
The emerging drones market offers a real opportunity to foster job creation, and it will be a source of innovation and economic growth. An action plan to promote this industry in Catalonia is part of the Government of Catalonia's SmartCAT strategy. The aim is to establish a dialogue with industry in order to draw up an action plan tailored to the current and future needs of this industry.


  • Establish a joint strategy as a cluster to coordinate the various agents involved in the sector to find synergies, complement each other in order to undertake larger projects, collaborate with technology and research centres to take advantage of research and development.
  • Provide training in this field at both university level and on short courses.
  • Raise awareness of services and solutions with drones and of their possibilities and the associated technology.
  • Monitor national and international legislation to see how it affects the sector. Participate as much as possible in international institutions in order to influence the most important decisions concerning the sector.

Leader and participants

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Update:  02.12.2015