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Catalonia SmartLab

Catalonia SmartLab is a network of urban laboratories testing and validating smart solutions in real environments. Its aim is twofold - to promote the technology sector by providing access to infrastructure and equipment, and enhancing open innovation in cities by participation in pilot tests.

Catalonia SmartLab

This project originated in Barcelona as part of the Urban Lab project and within the framework of the SmartCAT strategy has spread all over the country, creating a network of municipalities with their own Urban Labs, so that the variety of venues available to companies has multiplied. From tourist towns to rural areas, small to large settlements, from the mountain to the coast, etc.

Catalonia SmartLab is the benchmark which companies can use if they are looking for a Catalan town to test their smart projects.


Catalonia SmartLab is a test space for products that are directly involved in the running of the city or town or the services provided by town councils. It provides testing areas for projects that bring benefits and provide a response to citizens' needs and for projects that are in line with the municipalities' objectives, priorities and areas of action.

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Update:  05.05.2015