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Cities and regions

  • Rail Map Challenge

    The Authority of the Metropolitan Transport (ATM) and the Department of Digital Policies and Public Administration (through the Smartcatalonia strategy) organize the Rail Map Challenge, a hackathon that for 24 hours accommodates the best experts in usability, design and programming to make one of the best maps of trains of Barcelona.

  • City Protocol Society

    The Mobile World Congress 2016 saw the announcement of the agreement between the Government of Catalonia and the non-profit association City Protocol Society to begin a process of analysis and research for the standardisation of Catalan town and cities in order to facilitate their transformation into Smart Cities.

  • SmartCAT Challenge

    This initiative by the Government of Catalonia is part of the Smart City Hack, an international project which invites entrepreneurs from around the world to develop solutions for their cities by means of open innovation initiatives.

  • Technological platform for the Smart City/Region

    Report presenting the model and functional characteristics of the technological platform that enable the phased implementation of the Smart City/Region.

  • Roadmap to becoming a Smart City

    The roadmap to be followed for the implementation of the Smart City strategy in a municipality based on a maturity model that enables each city to focus the action to be taken depending on the progress that it has made.

  • SmartCAT Observatory

    The Government of Catalonia's SmartCAT strategy includes the launch of the SmartCAT Observatory to provide a comprehensive and updated perspective of the Smart projects and initiatives being carried out in Catalan territory.

  • Catalonia SmartLab

    Catalonia SmartLab is a network of urban laboratories testing and validating smart solutions in real environments. Its aim is twofold - to promote the technology sector by providing access to infrastructure and equipment, and enhancing open innovation in cities by participation in pilot tests.

  • Smart City World Expo & Congress

    The Congress is intended as a meeting point between companies, government agencies, entrepreneurs and research and technology centres to learn about and share experiences to develop the cities of the future.