SmartCAT Challenge is a competition that promotes open innovation in order to solve municipal challenges in Catalonia


This initiative, promoted by the Ministry of Telecommunications, Cybersecurity and Digital Society, has as its main objective to involve entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized companies to create technological solutions for the challenges presented nowadays by our municipalities.

The competition connects the problems of public entities with the proposals offered by the smart ecosystem of Catalonia, in order to be able to create ICT solutions to improve the life quality of citizens.

The areas in which ICT solutions are needed are:

  • Mobile apps
  • IoT
  • Big Data


The phases in which the contest is framed are the following:

  1. Detection of challenges with public entities through worshops.
  2. Face-to-face presentation of the contest and publication of challenges.
  3. Collection of ICT solutions during the period of 3-4 months.
  4. Selection of the 10 best technological solutions.
  5. Final Gala where the projects are defended and the names of the winners are given.

SmartCAT Challenge gives prizes worth € 10,000 and the opportunity to carry out pilot tests of your product in a real environment.

Additionally, you will be able to announce your solution around the world as the best solutions could be presented for free within the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona.

If you have a solution that can solve the challenges we raise, do not hesitate to sign up!

Help us to solve the municipal challenges of the Catalan territory

Discover the challenges to be solved with the ICT help!

SmartCAT Challenge 2018 challenges
Update:  15.05.2018