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  • AppSalut Portal

    The AppSalut Portal aims to promote that citizens take care of their health through accredited mobile applications.

  • bitbot.cat

    bitbot.cat is a programme to promote the extracurricular offer of activities in the fields of programming and robotics.

  • YOMO Barcelona

    YOMO Barcelona is a festival of science and technology for students and teachers and is held at the Mobile World Congress.

  • Collaborative design for smart pupils

    Students at the participating schools will analyse their school and make suggestions for improvement using the cooperative teamwork method with a significant proportion of independent learning.

  • Telecremats

    This is a telemedicine platform for remote treatment for medical emergencies involving burns. The project also includes clinical validation between the reference hospital (with the specialist physician) and the local hospital (with the emergency physician).


    The Centre for Information Security of Catalonia (CESICAT) is the body responsible for implementing the national plan to boost ICT security approved by the Government of Catalonia on 17 March 2009.

  • mHealth.cat Mobile Health Plan

    The mHealth.cat Mobile Health Plan will enable people to access health and welfare services using mobile technologies such as smart phones, tablets and laptops and will contribute to the modernisation of care and social services. This is the first such mHealth strategy in Europe.

  • ITworldEdu

    The meeting between technology supply businesses and the education sector held each year in Barcelona.

  • Edutech Cluster

    The Edutech Cluster groups companies in the ICT sector in the education field who do their business wholly or partly in Catalonia.

  • mSchools

    The introduction of ICTs into schools has a long tradition in our education system, and the use of mobile devices is a logical step in this process. mSchools is a programme to promote mobile phones as a learning tool.