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The donaTIC.cat plan involves a number of activities aimed at promoting and recognising the role of women in the field of information and communications technologies.


The information and communications technologies (ICT) sector employs 84,600 workers in Catalonia, accounting for about 2.7% of the active Catalan population, according to figures from the Labour Force Survey for the third quarter of 2015. The ICT sector has become a generator of employment in recent years, which makes it as one of the areas of employment with the most positive economic and social outlook.

However, there is a shortage of qualified professionals in this sector, and the decline in registrations for courses leading to qualifications in the ICT field is becoming consolidated. This situation is even more alarming bearing in mind that according to the report Women active in the ICT sector, only 30% of people employed in the sector are women, and of the people choosing to continue their post-compulsory education in the ICTs field, only 33% are women.

In order to increase the presence of women in the world of the ICTs, the donaTIC.cat plan has been designed to promote all activities that are aimed at:

  • ensuring an end to sexism and reduce cyberbullying in the field of the ICTs
  • promoting women's access to ICTs and foster entrepreneurship
  • promoting technological careers among women


  • Encourage the introduction of new technologies based on criteria of equality.
  • Promote the participation of women in the construction of a digital society.
  • Promote content created by women in the digital society.
  • Promote technological vocations among women.
  • Eradicate barriers preventing the use of technological resources under equal conditions.
  • Ensure effective equality between women and men in digital promotion and inclusion policies.

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Update:  19.09.2016